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Sa ngalan ng Buwan!

Gundam crossplay

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Stupid Game

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Losing Focus? Playing Games Could Help You Out.

Have you ever found yourself at your workstation trying to complete a report, but your mind - and fingers - wander, and soon enough you venture into a non-work-related website once again?
You find yourself distracted for a good ten minutes, until you hear your boss approaching behind you, and you promptly click ‘alt+tab’ to hide your window! We are all guilty of such deeds. What with the Internet being used for both work and leisure, it is rather tough to focus on a task at hand when in the office, when entertainment is just a click or two away.
If you feel that you lack the ability to concentrate at work, taking some time to play games can actually help to improve cognition and focus.
Losing Focus?
Losing Focus? Play an Online Game!
For example, Zuma’s Revenge stretches and challenges you mentally so that you can reach a goal within a certain period of time. The task of completing simple challenges makes you work your mind harder.
But the benefits of a game don’t just stop there. Not only do you give your mind an extra workout, but completing tasks in fact allows you to become more optimistic, too. Game designer and researcher, Jane McGonigal, believes that gaming gives you an energized rush of energy and a realistic hope of success.
Similarly, relationship expert Dr John Gray also affirms the use of games in his best-selling novel, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. He offers women the mind-boggling reason on why men retreat into their ‘caves’ when a real life problem arises: when in their ‘caves’, they spend time on their own by playing games so that they can solve other issues mentally.
By winning games, they feel a sense of achievement and can then return to the current pressing problem at hand.
This tried-and-tested theory definitely concludes that we should engage in games every now and then to reaffirm our confidence, and help us to focus on our real-life tasks better!
In fact, research has also shown that involving oneself in mental exercise can reduce the effects of dementia. A study group from the School of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales in Australia discovered that individuals lowered the risks of dementia by 46 percent if they were involved in mentally stimulating activities.
This is all the more reason to be involved in online games – they provide you with a priceless immunity that you could be thankful for in your later years.
So the next time you are faced with a report or schoolwork to complete, spend about five minutes beforehand on a game of Plants Vs. Zombies, which trains you to multitask, or Bejeweled 2, a stimulating and energizing game which will leave you wide awake and ready to solve any problem.
You can be pretty sure that in no time, you’ll be achieving high scores in your games AND at work, too.

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Merry Xmas!

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Inuman na!!!!

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Natawa ako ng makita ko ang larawan na nasa ibaba sa website ng Eto ay tungkol sa laban ni Mayweather at Pacman.

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Save ko lang dito ung bg ng blog ko.

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